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400 Game Package Upgrade (game list in photos) AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY. Our exclusive Ms Pac-Man machines are hand-made in the USA by our own woodworkers and are authentic replicas down to each screw! Some of the great games are listed below! Features Commercial quality working coin doors to be set to coin or free your choice as well as commercial quality buttons and joystick as well as the monitor and full size 6×9 speakers! The owner acquired this game from a restaurant that went out of cool math games pool business. Putting on my detective hat, I imagine the previous owner thought the monitor had problems when in fact the PCB need the repair. They took the chassis out to get repaired and maybe never found the problem or gave up on the game. I was glad to repair this Pac-man arcade back to its original self, and the owner decided not to put a multicade in it. He really just wanted the game working. Amazing how well the game looks after 40 years!